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About Jane

Jane Puckey is a celebrated and distinctive New Zealand artist. Click here to find out more.

CV & Timeline

Jane Puckey

  • 1981   Began painting in water colours.
  • 1996   Became a member of NZ Fellowship of Artists. Selling work in self-developed style at exhibitions.
  • 1999   First of twelve quality four colour prints made and sold via two distribution companies throughout New Zealand.
  • 2001   In April, working and selling original paintings from Little Fish Studios in Lorne Street, painting now a full time livelihood.
  • 2003   A solo exhibition held at Flagstaff Gallery, Devonport.
  • 2004   A series of cards are published through Live Wires.
  • 2005   A joint exhibition held at Parnell Gallery.
  • 2006   Included in "12 Contemporary Artists" calendar, featuring "My Land" image on front cover.
  • 2006    Release of Summertime 2007 calendar featuring own work.
  • 2006   Personal website created
  • 2006   Included in "New Zealand's Favourite Artists" book by Denis Robinson.
  • 2007   A 2008 Summertime calendar compiled for publication and sale in September.
  • 2007   Coutts Mercedes-Benz "Artists on Broadway" exhibition.
  • 2007   First giclees released for sale.
  • 2007   Included in "A Painted Country", a book on New Zealand landscape artists.
  • 2007   Included in a joint November exhibition with Cynthia Taylor, Russell Jackson and Jill Perot at Parnell Gallery.
  • 2008    T-shirts are produced by the NZ Nature Company using three paintings.
  • 2010    In January a further set of giclees released for sale.
  • 2010    Included in a joint exhibition in February with Caren Thompson, Sue Schaare and Jill Perrot at   Monterey Gallery

Interests: Children, colour, painting, studying, philosophy, water sports, music, running.


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