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New painting - Dancing with Oneness

Hi everyone - this is my new painting "Dancing with Oneness" (1.22 x 1.22 m square) depicting Mahurangi Harbour with Tui and the outline of a dancing naked woman to the left.  

I appreciate Marion Milner's description of her experience of painting in her book On Not Being Able to Paint.  She described that sometimes when painting from nature she experienced a "fusion into a never-before-known wholeness" where object, oneself, thought, sensation, feeling and action were no longer separate but rather that she felt a delight in the 'thusness' of the thing.  

She writes that after she had finished painting there was an enduring record of this experience within the painting itself and she was left with a sense of surprise at how the painting had actually happened as it "... did not seem something that oneself had done at all, certainly not the ordinary everyday self and way of being (Milner, 1950, p. 165)."

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