"Arising At Mahurangi"

"Arising At Mahurangi"

"Lion Wild"

"Lion Wild"


Owning original art is truly unique, it’s special and it’s yours. It’s inspiring, and can be deeply personal and meaningful. It transforms your home to be an expression of who you are.

Commissioning your own artwork, makes it part of your story, out of the ordinary and individual. When you contact me for a commission, we embark on the journey together, I will listen to your brief and update you with visuals during the process.

My aim is to create a bespoke piece, which resonates with you and for you to enjoy the process of it’s creation. Please feel free to call me, to discuss your requirements.



  • Commissions start at $4,000 NZD incl GST
  • Each commission includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Transportation and packaging will be an additional cost
  • The artist Jane Puckey retains copyright on all commissioned work

Jane Puckey

+64 27 651 6605



Aggies Celebrate With Rangi

I came across Jane Puckey's work and was so taken with her paintings, that I contacted her through her website. I commissioned her to do a work for me in a subject that I requested. The finished painting was all and more what I asked for and every day I take great pleasure in looking at it.

Sandra Cant - Auckland


Greg 0f Tiritiri Matangi

Thanks for Greg. He is in our bedroom on a big wall and suits the wide open space.  He is so beautiful I can't believe it.  I am very happy. All the best and thanks again for doing a great job.

James McGhie - Auckland