Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy some art – where do I start?

If you've seen or purchased my work in a gallery, please contact them directly for any new acquisitions. As I want to keep the trust I've developed in these partnerships. 

Alternatively I'd suggest looking through my print gallery to see what captures your attention. The next step would be to think about how much you would like to invest in a work. An original painting will cost more than a limited edition print – there being of course only one original – however a print on a wall can give a very similar effect to the original painting and will cost you a lot less.  Once you’ve made this decision simply measure the space within the wall you would like to fill, to ascertain what size print or original painting will work for you. Having ascertained the above simply click – add to cart – for the print or painting you want, or contact me or the gallery to answer any questions you have.

I title, number, and sign every print by hand – thereby personalising a printed artwork – creating the potential for the print to increase in value over the years corresponding with my profile as an artist.


Purchasing & Shipping

Where do you ship to and how much does it cost?

I ship worldwide to Australia, Austria, Canada, Cook Islands, Denmark, Fiji, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States - tubed prints $40. In New Zealand print delivery is free. If you live in another country please contact me. For original paintings, packaging and courier costs are on an individualised basis.

How are prints packaged for delivery?

Any larger print you buy will be delivered to you unframed and rolled up in a protective tube. A small paper print ie “Beach Star” will be packaged flat (unframed) between thick layers of card board.

How are paintings packed for delivery?

I will arrange an art freight box to be custom made for any painting you buy. All delivery costs including the art freight box, courier, insurance, and export documentation for international shipping will be at an additional cost to you. 

About the Prints

Are the prints good quality?

Absolutely! My limited edition Giclée art prints (printed locally in Auckland, New Zealand) achieve superb colour and archival quality with pigment-based inks on acid-free 308gsm Hahnemuhle Rag paper or 100% acid-free cotton canvas. This high quality is made possible by an increase in the density of the pigments that are used which give them a superior light resistance and striking resemblance to the original work.  Each print - to my eye - is remarkably close to the original painting, especially with canvas prints because there is no need for framed glass over the image. The best fine art prints in major museums and art galleries around the world are now digitally produced. Digital printers can now produce work of the highest standard with an estimated light-fastness of 60-100 years plus.

Is the size of a print on your website the size of the actual print image?

When measurements are given in the options drop down box for a specific print - the dimensions are of the actual image of that particular print (and exclude the white border).  Some of my prints are shown in various interior settings - the size of the artwork on the wall in these photos may differ from the size of prints available for sale.

Do I need to be careful with my print when it’s delivered?

Yes you do. Canvas prints are a little more forgiving than paper prints. However any handling of either paper or canvas prints is best left to a professional framer using gloves. This is especially the case when removing the curl of a paper print in preparation for framing. Be careful not to get dust on the print, though if this does happen I would suggest removal with a very soft clean brush, as wiping the surface of a print with your hand or a cloth may scratch the print. Avoid getting any moisture on your print either from your hands or other sources as any moisture will damage the ink.

Will sunlight fade the colour of my print?

Yes, don’t hang a print in direct sunlight. My prints are estimated to show no fading noticeable to the human eye for 60 years plus – if framed in standard glass and displayed in standard lighting conditions. This above estimate for one of my prints preserving its colour is significantly extended if UV museum glass is used.

Is framing included in the price of your prints?

No. Any prints you buy from my website are unframed. I will courier them to you rolled in a tube (or packaged flat if a small print) and you can choose the framing you like.

What do you suggest with framing?

You will need to cover any paper print with glass as any moisture on the print will damage it – standard, non-reflective or museum UV protective glass are all fine. Canvas prints do not need to be covered in glass as each canvas print is sprayed with a clear protective coating. I would recommend surrounding each paper print with a cardboard mat between 50-140mm depending on the size of the actual print and your preference. Any colour mat board which works with the print can be used. But if you just can’t decide - a white mat board will work with all my prints. Once a canvas print is stretched over a frame, and you have selected a suitable mat board for a paper print, the type of frame can be whatever you choose.

How much does is cost to frame a print?

Cost varies on the size of the print, the size of the mat board, the moulding (aka the actual frame round the very outside of the finished framed work), type of glass: standard, non-reflective or museum UV protective glass, and if it’s a canvas print if you want to put a frame around the canvas once the artwork is stretched over a frame. Framing starts for as little as $130 for small prints – for example “Beach Star”.

Why have you only got a few very large print options?

I have selected a few of my paintings to reproduce as prints on very large canvases due to the striking visual effect of the original large painting. These artworks, are perfect to fill large walls for a small investment, and make an impressive statement for your beautiful home, corporate environment or business foyer. These significant canvases when stretched, create a window into a beautiful New Zealand view, and fill any space with the warm ambiance of summer sun and holiday memories. If the sizes of prints on my website don't quite fit your wall needs -please let me know. I'm happy to discuss a custom size print with you.

What framers do you recommend?

Factory Frames - 22 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland ph 0800 488 488.


About Me

How did you get to be an Artist?

This is a big question! As a child I always thought that I would like to be an artist when I grew up, and my earliest memories are of spending a lot of time drawing and painting. My passion for re-creating whatever subject matter I love into works of pencil or paint continued into adulthood and I began exhibiting and selling my work in 1995. Painting, exhibiting and selling my work just grew from that point onwards. Now days I love hearing how excited people are when they take my work into their home, and feel a joy at the beauty I saw, and then felt when I was painting. It's really lovely!!!

Do you get tired of painting?

I only get tired of painting if I try to make myself paint when I don’t feel like it, and at these times I need to remind myself to stop, catch up with friends or simply go and get some exercise. What always brings me back to painting though is the inspiration I get from the beauty I see - like when I visit places like the Tutukaka coast line. I find myself looking at the gorgeous view in front of me, envision it on canvas and then I can’t wait to get home to start painting. My painting process is always a work in progress too, so for me painting never becomes dull. I can see how my work has evolved in a more obvious way from water colour works to acrylic on canvas 20 years ago, along with more subtle changes over the years such as: a more muted colour palette, an increasing level of abstraction, and overall more of a sensitivity regarding tonal qualities – all of which I find exciting.

Do you sit outside and paint what is in front of you?

I don’t paint outside, mainly due to the size of my canvases and time. My recent paintings have been around 1.5 metres long which of course make transportation and working on site a bit of an issue. Plus my style of painting is very fine and detailed which means it takes me up to 250 hours or more to complete a large work.

Can you tell me a bit about your painting process?

I draw an outline on a blank canvas from a photo, which for me represents a breath taking experience of feeling as one with a beautiful landscape, and am increasingly able to distract my conscious mind by listening to music, movies, documentaries and audio books. In order to be present in the moment, and let my body paint my painting. I think this meditative state could be considered similar to what a runner calls being in the "zone", When they are present in their bodies and running comes with a lovely ease. Because for me when painting becomes a meditative practice my choices for my work:, be it variations of colour, balance of light and dark. and composition of form flow with ease. Alongside being an Artist. I am also a practising psychotherapist and believe that creativity be it painting, or life in general, depends on a capacity to let go of the limitations of the every day conscious mind, and trust the process of a deeper creative bodily wisdom.

Art History

Gallery Exhibitions -
2023 Flagstaff "30 x 30" group exhibition
2023 Turua Gallery "Tiny Show" group exhibition
2023 Art Salon - Fo Guang Shan - Buddhist Temple
2023 Turua Gallery "Lock Stock and Barrel" group exhibition
2023 Flagstaff "Inspired" group exhibition
2022 Turua Gallery "The Tiny Show" group exhibition
2022 Turua Gallery "Neighbourhood" group show
2021 Turua Gallery "Big Show of Tiny Works" group exhibition
2010 Parnell Gallery "200 x 200" group show
2007 Parnell Gallery Joint exhibition with Cynthia Taylor, Russel Jackson and Jill Perot
2005 Parnell Gallery Joint exhibition with Kathy Boyle
2003 Flagstaff Gallery - first solo exhibition
National Art Show
2023 Art in the Park at Eden Park
2022 Art in the Park at Eden Park
2021 Art in the Park at Eden Park
School and Fund raising Shows
2023 Kings College Art exhibition
2023 MAGs Art Show
2023 Martakana fine art exhibition - harbour Hospice
2022 MAGs Art Show
2021 MAGs Art Show
2019 Carmel College - Art Fusions
2007 Coutts Mercedes-Benz "Artists on Broadway" exhibition
Books, calendars, cards, jigsaw puzzles, clothing
2021 Release of three jigsaw puzzles with Zen Games
2007 Included in "A Painted Country" a book on NZ landscapes by Denis Robinson
2008 Release of T-shirts produced by the NZ Nature company using images of three paintings
2007 2008 "Summertime" calendar compiled and published
2006 Included in "New Zealand's Favourite Artists" book by Denis Robinson
2006 Release of 2007 calendar
2004 A range of cards published with Live Wires


Jane Puckey

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