Beauty Lives


My eagerness to visit Mimiwhangata, a stunning part of New Zealand’s eastern coastline, came after seeing it in a photograph. Escaping from Auckland on a day trip one Sunday back in 2005, I headed north. After going through Whangarei, I headed towards Helena Bay, gradually drawing closer to Mimiwhangata. Winding down through native bush into grasslands, I was excited to finally see the windswept coastline in the distance. Mimiwhangata was at long last in my sights, and the long drive was well worth the breathtaking panorama that lay before me. 

 I wished to see the ocean and islands from every perspective in order to visualise them on future canvases. Wandering along the deserted shore and hillsides absorbing the beauty that lay before me, I felt my senses refreshed and revitalized. The warm land tones combined with the ever-changing blues and greens of the sea produced a sense of summer joy and lightness.

  • Limited edition of 200 hand signed fine-art prints 



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