Light Catches Leaves


The Puka (Meryta sinclairii) pictured, a beautiful tree that I simply love - is a large-leaved evergreen tree endemic to New Zealand that grows to about 8 meters tall. Puka have 27 different species, and occur naturally on the Three Kings islands and the Hen and Chicken islands. The tree has elliptical leaves which can grow up to 50 cm long and 20cm wide and have a glossy upper surface with green-white flowers and ball-bearing sized fruit, making them popular as a garden or street tree. A single tree procured from the Poor Knights Islands by Māori, protected by a fence and declared sacred. Was found growing at the head of Whangaruru Bay in Northland (on the New Zealand mainland) in the mid 1800s - by William Colenso and naturalist Dr Andrew Sinclair.

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