Te Hauturu-o-Toi


Te Hauturu-o-Toi (the official Māori title for Little Barrier Island). Little Barrier is depicted in the far left of this print. Te Hauturu-o-Toi means "the resting place of lingering breezes", a title which captured my attention, both as a very fitting description of the beautiful land I was studying to paint, along with my felt sense while painting this work.

I worked on this painting for six months, carefully considering detail, and the varying tones of lightness or darkness in every colour  to create distance and balance within this composition. In this painting see if you can find the giant sloth on the distant hill, the pre-historic fish, the cave painting of a bison, a dinosaur and more hidden within the land. 

  • Limited edition of 200 hand signed fine-art prints
  • Original painting 1.5 m long 2018 $35,000 - Available Please contact me



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