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About Jane Puckey

I was born in Auckland and as a child wanted to become an Artist. Being an Artist did eventuate and I have sold my work over the last 20 years both locally and overseas.  My self developed style is ever evolving with a new softness and subtlety of colour and form presenting itself in my work.  Inspiration is derived from the beauty of New Zealand, particularly the east coast of the north island - where I grew up and where my family have lived for generations - reflecting my love of the sea and the land.

One of the privileges of painting is to "have" to wander around coastlines taking photos from all perspectives to fully absorb the beauty that is there to be seen and visualise it in painting form for future canvases. Each painting takes me up to two to three months to paint, depending on size and detail. And when I paint the more I can remember what it was like to be in the present moment amidst the land I am painting, the more such aliveness comes through onto the canvas.


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