Some of my artworks are still available to purchase as original paintings. These are displayed here with information about how to purchase them through myself or though the gallery.
For sale $2,300 - Please enquire

I painted these bright daisies inspired by their beautiful colours and a darling Aunt of mine whose nickname was Pinky.

This work on acrylics on board framed wood measures 535mm x 335mm.


For sale $1,100 - Please enquire

I love these daisies - they liven and brighten a room, the epitome of bright and cheerful. 

This painting in acrylics framed in a wooden box frame measures 440mm x 340mm.

For sale $9,500 - Please enquire

I've always loved painting flowers with their accompanying houses in the background. This painting "The Rhododendrons" is the first time I've painted these beautiful shrubs with their bright clusters of spring flowers.

This lovely work in acrylics on canvas measures 800mm x 960mm and is complimented by a beautiful wooden framed polished with bees wax.


For sale $16,500 - Please enquire

I saw this amazing plant while I was out walking around Grey Lynn during Auckland's last big lockdown. I'd never seen it before and I just thought it was amazing. It's called Echium Candicans, the pride of madeira - as it is native to the island of madeira.

This lovely work of acrylics on canvas measures 1045mm x 1225mm,and is complimented with a lovely wooden frame.

"Pride of Madeira" is my most recent big work - and shows how my style is evolving to a more abstract free expression, all the while keeping a play of the new Zealand light on form.

For sale $690 - Please enquire

This painting in acrylics on canvas captures the haze of a hot summer's day in New Zealand's northland. 

Painted on box board it measures 200mm x 200mm.

For sale $750 - Please enquire

This painting in acrylics on canvas is of Mimiwhangata - a coastal park in northland's east coast about an hours drive from Whangarei. I have painted it many times from different angles as I find this place quite astounding in it's beauty.

Framed in a beautiful wooden box frame 235mm x 235mm.




For sale $650 - Please enquire

Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile, with Rangitoto in Auckland. Another little Aggie. Love this combo!

This painting is acrylic on canvas and is framed in a beautiful wooden box frame - 237mm x 237mm.


This water colour of Cathedral Cove is one of three on the immediate area. Image painting size 235x235mm, in a double mat white tray frame (framed 545x510mm).


This water colour of Cathedral Cove is one of three on the immediate area. Image painting size 235x235mm, in a double mat white tray frame (framed 545x510mm).


This water colour of Cathedral Cove is one of three on the immediate area. Image painting size 235x235mm, in a double mat white tray frame (framed 545x510mm).

For sale $750 - Please enquire

Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile, with Rangitoto in Auckland. I have painted this scene several times, it is a favourite of mine, the paintings are always different of course.

This original painting is acrylic on canvas and is framed in natural wood tray frame - 270mm x 229mm.


Sold September 2021 $1700

I loved painting this little guy. I remember these little birds fluttering around when my family were picking tamarillos when I was a kid, on an orchard in Kerikeri.

Painted with permission from a photo taken in Blockhouse Bay by photographer Simon Stuart.

Original 300 x 400 mm.

Sold $7400 May 2022

This painting was taken from a photo I took as I was on my way to Mita Bay to go camping. It was such a beautiful day it reminded me of this poem by Rumi: What a day today. There are two Suns rising.... ! What a day. Not like any other day. LOOK...! The Light is shining in your HEART.... The wheel of life has stopped. O you who can see into your own HEART.... What a day, This is your day.

This painting was sold May 2022 for $7,400


In the late afternoon at the beach looking through the silhouette of a Pohutukawa tree up in the aether or quintessence (a medium which fills the space of the universe above the earthly sphere). The forms of this tree take on an ethereal beauty - simultaneously familiar to us and otherworldly. 

Original painting in acrylics on canvas 1015 x 760 mm. Framed in a black tray frame.

Available to buy at Mobile Art gallery $6,900.00 


For sale $15,500 Please enquire

This big painting is called "To Life". Cheers to Life! 

The landscape background is Ponui island as viewed from the back of Waiheke Island, and the flowers of course Pohutukawa - maybe my favourite flower. Whether framed on paper or canvas this work stands out like a beautiful window looking out onto a summer's day on any wall.

It is painted in acrylics on canvas and measures 914 x 1219mm and is framed in a wood tray frame.

This original work is available to buy for $15,500. 


Sold $2,600 August 2022

This painting of the Tutukaka coast line looks out over the hills to a sea of light.

Measuring 505 x 555 mm and framed in a black tray frame

Sold for $2,600 August 2022. 


For sale at Flagstaff Gallery

This stunning painting of three Nikaus laden with berries measures 456 x 557 mm and is framed in a wood tray frame. It is available for sale at Flagstaff Gallery for $3,300.

Limited edition prints are also available under prints here on my website and measure 460 x 510mm (image size) with additional white border.

For sale at Mobile Art gallery
This large work (of 210+ painting hours) depicts an amazing view from the lookout on the very beautiful Roberton island (or Motuarohia island) one of the many stunning spots in the Bay of Islands - in New Zealand's north island. I named this work after the lovely song "Summertime", and also my memories growing up in Paihia exploring the many islands nearby - Roberton being one of them. The left hand side of this print looks up Te Rawhiti inlet towards the main land at Rawhiti in the distance, the distant land on the right hand side directs the eye towards the gorgeous Pareanui a... [view details]

This painting is a view of Waewaetorea island, over looking Waewaetorea channel. I was standing on Urupukapuka island in New Zealand's northland as I took the photo I painted from. The bay of Islands in the north is very special to me. I grew up there as a child and my family have lived there for generations.

This painting shows the watery space between one land form and another, and symbolically for me holds a felt experience of the many transitions we make in our lives. Some bigger at times than others.



This painting in acrylics on canvas showing the last light of day is of a view I saw as I was driving towards Scott's Landing - Mahurangi East.

The canvas measures 914 x 1219mm and is framed in black box frame.


This painting depicts a beautiful view I saw while driving up from Thames towards the Coromandel. I felt the raw and young essence of New Zealand in these hills, as they rolled down towards a sea filled with sunlight. The little cottage in the valley showing a hint of humanity, which is all but rendered insignificant amid the immense beauty in the surrounding land.

Acrylics on canvas 750x1230mm framed in an oak tray frame which has been lovingly surfaced with bees wax.



Sold $2900 Sept 2022

This painting looks up into and through the branches of a Pohutukawa tree as the sunlight streams through the leaves and flowers to the ground below.

The painting is acrylics on canvas and measures 200 x 914 mm - it is unframed as the painting continues around all sides of the work.


The sea splashes up and over the rocks at stunning Little Barrier island (Te Hauturu-0-Toi), and the pohutukawa trees extend across the point in the distance. Elements which for me capture the joy, beauty and mystery of this place, which I experienced in a recent visit.

Painted in 2001, this water colour work has until now been in my private collection. It shows how my work has evolved over the last 20 years to what it is today.

The image size of this framed painting is 435 x 710mm - price $3,900.


Sold $11,300 Jul 2017

Commission work of the Tutukaka coast line - 2017. Original painting 914x1219mm. Sold $11,300.

Sold $6500 Feb 2020

This painting depicts a red David Brown 990 tractor which has launched a boat off Whangaumu bay on the Tutukaka coast. Whangaumu bay is also known as Wellingtons Bay - a picturesque long, sandy beach - which is lovely for swimming.


Original painting 711x914mm. Sold by Mobile Art Gallery for $6,500. February 2020.

Sold $4200 July 2019
This painting views Browns island and Rangitoto island from east Auckland - looking out across the Tamaki strait. The Tamaki Strait is one of several passes between the islands of the inner Hauraki Gulf, near the entrance of Waitematā Harbour just off Auckland city (in New Zealand). This stretch of water separates the North Island (mainland) from Waiheke Island, east of Auckland city.


Original 1010x750mm. Sold by Mobile Art Gallery. July 2019 for $4200.

Sold $25,000 Oct 2018

This panting depicts a beautiful and well known view of Mahurangi harbour in the northern part of the north island of New Zealand. A limited edition of 200 hand signed fine-art prints is available here.

Sold $8,500 Dec 2019

I really enjoyed bringing all these rich colours together - its the New Zealand I grew up with and love. The original "New Zealand" painting is sold but limited edition prints are available here.

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